A Dreamer Build

Back around December 2018 I saw this medium Dreamer frame show up locally on Craigslist and immediately tried to buy it. The price was out of my range so I did what anyone would do and made an offer. It was actually a good offer but was unaccepted non the less. I went back and forth with the seller, a good guy, he got this first gen. and didnt even build it up.

A couple months later it wound up on eBay, for a little less money and free shipping….at that point I hit up the seller and told him my offer is actually better than selling it on eBay that once you factor in not needing shipping and no insane fees. He agreed and had just not wanted to bother me because it had been so long since we emailed.

At the time I had a Rivendell, a super fun Rosco Bubbe that took me a some sick rides for a good year. Terps and I rode the first LA Tourist race on our Riv’s, bombing down the Gabrialino Trail on our rim brake basket bikes in the freezing cold, snow on the ground and water in the air, basically no brakes at all. Fucking idiots.

I had a horrible hip, now since replaced, who’s range of motion without pain was insanely minimal it forced me to sit super upright. Jimmy had one of these Dreamers, still does, and one day in the shop I rode his around and for whatever reason (jjj bars and deflated tires) it was the most comfortable thing I sat one.

When I finally got my frame, I dropped it off at GSC and said “Gimmie the Jimmy”. Not really but yeah. Since I picked it up in late March 2019 I have probably changed the bars alone at least 8 times. Tires, yeah close to that too. Stems? LOL! Well, this is where it is now. Of course it will go back to flat bars again at some point but since I put on the Ultradynamicos a month or so ago it is like a new bike…just fun as hell.