Blue Lug Round Up

A custom painted Disc Romanceur, a shiny ass Alumalith, a bitchen new Evasion Lite, and a small ass Florida Man.

I love when they post custom pained by Cook Paint Works Crusts and every time I see a Romanceur with 48’s and nekkid I think how cool they look. I’d never to that to mine but I like it. Id love to have an Alumalith but i’m in no position for a new bike. Everything shiny af of course. I always wonder how much faster I would be if I had an Evasion Lite. Probably a ton. And although you’ll never catch me on a track bike I do entertain a single speed to chuck in a bag and travel with. But thats just me. Look at these damn bikes!

Drool then buy some HERE.

*CRUST BIKES* romanceur disc (55) *CRUST BIKES* alumalith (18") *CRUST BIKES* evasion lite (54) *CRUST BIKES* florida man (S)