Canti and Disc Romanceur

There is currently a pre-sale on the disc and canti Romanceur frames and judging by all the comments/texts/dms/emails these should go fairly quick – both models. The canti version is the same beautiful pistachio color and the disc is a beautiful Atlantic salmon.

The canti in this post is Scuba’s bike, and he rides the shit out of it. Everywhere. Long ass road rides, yup. Long ass mountain rides, yup. Dirt, dust, rocks, pavement, water, and everything in between.

He’s running some hand-me-down Velocity Cliffhanger wheels but I highly suggest the Crust Rim Brake Wheelset if you need a set. Can’t beat it.

A few other notable bits we currently have in stock is his Berthoud Saddle attached to a Nitto 65 seat post. Bear Trap pedals , super sick Nitto Campee front rack, Nitto Stem, Camp and Go Slow bar tape, and of course the Zefal Pump. His mix-matched Ultradynamico‘s are making me ready to add some to my bikes. If you’re looking to up your game and get all the pr’s, kom’s, and ride to all the vegan and pizza spots this bike is for you.

And next up is my personal disc Romanceur……..

No you won’t be getting this pink crackle color but rather a SICK pinkish Atlantic Salmon. I had wanted one of these bikes since I saw Ron’s silver and gold beauty (I think I still want an OG silver one). When Matt offered up one of these samples a couple years back I couldn’t resist. It was my first drop bar bike, I got it 1 month before I got my new hip, it was the bike I rode for months after my hip – up and down the flat bike path so I could safely ride without falling on the new expensive right side of my body. It was the bike I rode my fist 100mi on, my first mountain 100mi/10k elevation on the year anniversary of my hip, and our 3 day Catalina rip. Lots more in between but those I’ll never forget. I have a 10-42 on the rear and 24/38t up front so I sort of default to this bike for longer climbs and carrying a bunch of stuff.

Anyway, do your self a favor and lock in your order or you’ll be the one in the comments asking when they will be back in stock.