Catalina Rip

While in-between skate trips our friend Ben was in town from France filming with Louie and I got them to take a day off and head out to Catalina. Ben is a skate filmer, can skate better than most skaters, and is also very fast on a bike. Lycra roadie fast.

I loaned him my Dreamer and some bags, we got a few supplies the day before and as opposed to riding to Long Beach we drove…thats my preferred way…after all the fun in Catalina do you really want to sit on that depressing ass river bike path riding home?

Every time you arrive in Avalon you will be greeted with a long climb out….it sucks, the stupid golf carts suck, the “eco tour” trucks suck, but at least you got the sick scenery and when you peak at the Airport, as long as you get there on time, you have a full supply point.

Beers, food, cookies…Although this time around the dude said he didnt have ice to give me and so I bought a bunch of popcciles to keep the beer cold, then he caved in after and we got a big bag of ice. We each at a Popsicle but the other 6 melted. Waste of money and popsicles. At that point though, the thought of cold drinks at camp far outweighed the wasted money.

We finished riding to camp, went straight to the water, then talked shit by the fire after dark. We woke up the next day, ate some breakfast and drank coffee, and probably took a bit too long to get on the bike so the heat was pretty immediate. Not THAT bad though. We went straight to the airport, ate again then bombed down to Avalon. We went to eat again to kill time, I jumped in the water while they just marinated in their filth, and we hopped on the ferry back to Long Beach. Again, very fun, and you can make it easy or hard with the supplies and weight, but its one everyone needs to try and do at some point. Honestly the worst thing about it is the cost…they get you there!