Dumb Lukens Ride

If you have glove recommendations that you have personally used that are comfortable to wipe snot on and don’t let your fingers get cold whatsoever on a long downhill please let us know.

There is no way we would have even went to meet up if we had known the weather was going to be so shit when we got there. Louie was a little behind us in meeting up but Scuba and I decide to wait for him to decide if we should ride out not. Last time we rode together it rained about 90% of the ride and non of us would do that again, but within minutes of Louie showing up it kind of stopped raining. It was still real cold and riding up to 5k feet was going to compound that so we stood around just deciding what to do for way too long.

For some reason we like to eat lunch on Lukens but this time we didn’t even have real food packed which made the ride a bit less desirable. Little did we know that it was so damn cold up top we couldn’t really enjoy the food anyway. The ride down FUCKING SUCKED. Low visibility, yeah ok, but you CAN still see, but the gloves we were all wearing were not at all up to the task. This was the first ride in my new pair (not gonna name them) but it will be my last in cold conditions. Louie showed up with no gloves at all, which is not like him. I gave Matt a pair of socks before he went back to Australia but he left them in my car (ungrateful) so Louie wore those as thumb connected mittens. In the end, I may or may not do that again because it wasn’t like we were trying to pedal in snow (which would have happened if we wen one day later), but I sure wouldn’t plan on doing it.

Usually you’re welcomed with a nice 360 view up top but all we could see was the towers 20 feet in front of us

Video note…I brought the chest mount but forgot to use it and the ride down with the handlebar mount is just whatever. I was going super fast though.

Usually were looking at mountains and highways below but could see anything this time. Shout out my bike though.