Evasion Trail 140?

I have had a long love affair with Stepthru bikes, but the kinda step thru that always attracted me was the motor variety, specifically the mighty Postie bike, or as its also called the Honda trail 90 & 110. A 7 horse power thunder bolt between ya legs.

Back when I was traveling a lot, if no one could join me on the trip I would more often then not choose the postie bike or some other small displacement motorcycle over a bicycle for its ability to cover more ground, but still force me to stay in the slow lane. For as we all know the shoulder is the real slow lane.

This was in part due to the fact that long length solo-bicycle touring was a little boring and taxing on my sanity; so the ability to get out of a place or section of road that was soul crushing semi-quickly was nice.

The aesthetic of the postie just always put a smile on my face. So I figured it was high time to make a Crust step thru. Behold the Evasion Trail 140.

Now, is it as amazingly good looking as the Honda trail 90? Well that is a matter of opinion I guess, but my opinion would be a no. 

Does it come with a rip ya arms off 7 HP? Well, no. Its called the Evasion trail 140 because I average a piss weak 140watts and its power is all up to the pilot.

Does it put a huge smile on my face? Hell yeah it does and for me that is what any bike is about, motor or pedal. 

There is absolutely nothing ground breaking about this bike, it is an Evasion rear end with a longer front end, I could call it an ATB or what ever click bait name is hot for the season, but I won’t, because I just wanted a bike to ride down memory lane on while smiling to myself about how fun all bikes are.

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