Adding this to the top right, got some shit in the comments about forgetting to mention Gaza Sunbirds, not my intention, just suck at doing these things, sorry to all it wasn’t my intention.

The Gaza Sunbirds are a para-cycling team, consisting of 20 athletes, based in the Gaza Strip. The team was founded in 2018 when Alaa al-Dali, an Olympic hopeful cyclist, was shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper. They are currently distributing aid.

This ride had a fundraiser raffle to raise money to donate to them and you too can support by donating HERE.

Went on a group ride with Genosack, Dirt Toads, El Prado Racing Team, and our homie (and Crust dealer) Jimmy con Fabrica De Rosas along with Inconvenience Store, and Total Trash Cycling Club.

Met late, left late, and slow rolled to Ascot and Debs with….shit I don’t know, 80 people?

A few re-grouping stops later I took off to find an angle I wanted…didnt get the results I was hoping for but it was fun watching the crew climb up to the most bitchen bottleneck on the 1st hump at Ascot.

On to Debs for a couple torture climbs and dirt rips…..

Of note above….yes Dylan is holding the camcorder in his mouth..prob a dope angle tho.

So many of the same angle (and yeah there’s more of them) but I like that you can see how stoked (most) everyone is.

Out of the park and back to the shop…those folks rode in the river but myself and a couple sane friends went and had a beer and waffle fries at Spoke.

aaaannnnndddd some bikes

Some of the Crust builds on the ride…most of them built up by Jimmy or Max as well.

Congrats on guiding a huge ride, congrats to everyone for surviving even with all the madness and OTBers everyone had a damn good time. And congrats to you for making it to the end of this mess.