Jarons Nor’Easter

While in college, I worked in an on-campus bike shop that offered free bike rentals and repairs, funded by the student government. Our shop was underpromoted and tucked away in a forgotten corner of the student union, leaving us with a lot of free time to indulge our bike nerdom. I organized alleycats, discovered bikepacking, and pored over countless photos of beautiful bicycles online.

However, one article in particular kept drawing me back: Logan Watts’ bike check of Matt’s personal Nor’Easter (bikepacking.com/bikes/matts-crust-nor-easter). I believe I may hold the record for the most views of a single article on that site. There was something about the massive tire clearances combined with the classic styling that just clicked in my mind, and I became obsessed.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Crust announces the Canti Nor’Easter, and I knew my moment had arrived. The “quiver killer,” “dream build,” or whatever you want to call it, I sold three bikes (only keeping the FL man) and went on a Crust/Blue Lug/eBay shopping spree.

The ethos of my build was to create a true all-terrain bike. From paved multi-use paths in town to rugged Colorado singletrack and mountain passes, this bike was designed to handle it all. If I ever had to reduce my collection to just one bike, this would be it. The lightweight bags remain on the bike, making it a breeze to pack for spontaneous overnighters. With minimal front and rear racks, there is no contact between the bike and the bags, ensuring that the beautiful paint job will be preserved for years to come.

Since completing the build in March, I have been riding my Nor’Easter to work, coffee outside meetups, a few bikepacking trips, and exploring all the local mountain bike trails without ever needing a car. Most recently, my friend Tyler Maxwell (@imtylermaxwell) visited Boulder from Orlando, FL. I took the opportunity to show him some of my favorite local trails in exchange for some supporting photos for this post. Thanks, Tyler!

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