LA Invitational 2023

Yeah alright so this was 6 months ago but whatever, sorry. Thomas, Scuba and myself set off for this ride like our dumbasses usually do, but this time we didn’t want to miss the aid station so we left an hour earlier than everyone else. We felt fast af until the climb up Beaudry whenwe started to get passed. Cheech and Lorenzo crushed the aid station, never had Italian pb&j sandwiches before but they were top notch so I ate a ton of them. After a few shots of tequila and some Topo Chico’s we took off for the last scoop.

This ride consists of 3 levels, or scoops if you want to call it that, first being Cherry Canyon, then Verdugos, then the third was up to Lukens via Haynes Bridge. You can obviously bail out anytime but if you do it before the end you’re a loser. JK, just means you’re not as dumb. I’ve climbed Haynes Bridge to Lukens one other time because Scuba wanted to really bad and we swore it off that time. This time It sucked just as much and I never want to go that way again. Its 2 miles shorter than the normal way up to Lukens so do your own math but that equals steep and we had to walk some from just being over it.

When I say we, I mean Thomas and I. We fucking SMOKED Scuba after the aid station and left him in the dust then received a text from him how he’s probably going to bail because his gears sucked. He used to have a 11-42 but a recent accident left him using an 11-36 lol. So we wasted our day walking up a mountain, I jumped over a snake on the way down, and we made it back to the Cub House around 3 or 4. While enjoying some pizza and beer we got notified that Scuba did NOT bail out and was on his way. He’s not a loser. He didn’t win but he’s a fucking champ for pushing through that bullshit ride lol. He didn’t win but he’s a champ for pushing through that ride lol. Thats the same sentence without bad words.

The next day was the Cub House‘s annual bike show/ car show / swap meet party so here’s the deal….just cancel your plans this next year because it’s truly a great weekend. Sean and the crew there crush it. The homies at The Radavist covered the weekend way better than us idiots ever could but I left you a 16 min montage above.