Lil David’s Evasion

A couple years or so ago Scuba and I discovered David on his first journey to the top of Lukens helpless and unsure of his self. We looked at each other and immediatly knew we had to get him down the mountain and on to the 2 safely to his car. lol

However many months later he started working part time at GSC then full time. One time I even loaned him a bag for him to go bike camping with and it took months for him to return it. Good kid.

A few notable items on this build that we have in the web store are:

Anyway – now he and Ashima ride around happily as one on their matching evasions. Holy shit. Garrett already wrote a post on her’s but I shot some at the same time as Davis so figured I thrown them in here as well. Cant ever have too many photos of dope builds.

I mean….you ever seen a happier couple? Jk photos cant portray true happiness. They are both angry and aggressive.