Mid-South 2023

A year ago we went to Mid-South and today we will talk about it. Not much though because we want you to spend the 21 minutes and watch the video instead. It’s my fault. Work got in the way and editing is so hard and time-consuming I didnt even really touch it much until the BOSS called and asked if it could be up before this years race. Hahahha sorry Cheech, my bad.

This year’s team consisted of veterans Jimmy, Johnnie, Max, and Matt, with newcomers Rashaun Robinson, Playboi, John Simon, and Ashima Shiraishi.

The weather was just about perfect, everyone crushed it and won while losing. Serena and Molly ran the 50k race on Friday then demolished the 100mi bike race on Saturday. Abby drank mud water, David made sure our star got in safe, and Team Cncpt still drinks better than everyone. Not much more to write about if you just watch the video.

Only 4 of the varsity jackets left for sale..I think there was only a dozen made. EVER. Collectors item! Buy it!