Palm Canyon Epic

Need to protect those legs

I think this started as a secret training shakedown ride for some of the bikes that these mugs may or may not be be riding at Ruta. Jimmy swagged the FUCK out of his bombora with a dropper, ti flat bars, and 2.4’s, Louie now has 2.5’s on his Evasion, Carlos needed a massage after this one, David needs a new bike dude. The plan was to ride Palm Canyon Epic on Saturday but as that day came closer the weather wasn’t going to budge. With 80mph gusts and sustained 30+ winds forecasted for the day we decided to push the mission out one day. Meeting at Fabrica De Rosas at 6:30 am and departing at 7am it turns out that means at least 30min later to Jimmy. And it was his plan. We loaded up and took off for the 2hr drive in time to get the the end of the trail, get sorted and load up the shuttle we had coming at 9:30. Come 9:30 the story was no snacks, haven’t eaten anything, need to shit, what do I bring, all the way down to straight up not being there until after the shuttle arrived (Max wtf lol).

The shuttle was a lux business person shuttle so we had to cram 4 bikes in the rear, then 3 up in front of the seat. After the slow drive up the mountains we unloaded in the rain and dropped in as fast as we could to get out of it.

From the point of dropping in to the minute we got back to the cars was 6 hours of the coolest riding. For sure in my top 2 I’ve been on, prob #1 (ok maybe I need cooler rides).

So many different little sections, a 3mi sandy climb that wasn’t too bad apparently since the recent rains, some super sketch stuff, one section that the wind was so bad you would get blown into rocks and cacti, and a nice break near the middle for lunch when we found out that David’s seat post broke (just after that my point and shoot stopped focusing so thats cool). With spotty cell service we told him to bail out at the wash but apparently the fucking dude kept going with this setup and we saw his bike light bombing down the trail out of the mountains just an hour after us.

A quick dinner and seemingly long drive home ended the day, I woke up late Monday and have had a nice high since. For sure need more of this.

Shouts to the dope crew Jimmy, Lou, Max, Carlos, David, and Chris.