Ryan’s Derailleur’d Wombat

A couple of weeks ago our friend Ryan swung by with his freshly built, geared up Wombat. He picked up this 21″ Wombat frameset from us back in February. With the help of a shop here in town called Wheel Simple, he wasted no time getting straight into making mods and getting it built up. When I say making mods, I really mean they welded a damn derailleur hanger on it, which I think is sick! Hanging from said hanger is an older GX 10 speed derailleur running the chain up and down a wide range cassette of some sort. He’s spinning all of that using a White Industries M30 crankset. The cable to the derailleur is ran down the downtube using the dropper routing and has some weaved Newbaums cloth bar tape holding it to the chain stay. Works a treat. Speaking of cable, all of the housing on this bike is Nissen housing from Japan. To match the crank he’s got a gold White Industries headset and a nice stack of brass spacers over that. He went with the classic Thomson stem and post combo and color matched the stem bolts to the other gold bits. The handlebar is a Crust Brush bar with a matching GX shifter to go with the derailleur and Newbaums cloth bar tape grips to go with that chain stay weave. The brake levers are are IRD Long Pull levers cabled up to some sweet old XT V-Brakes. The pièce de résistance in my eyes is the nicely beausage’d Sackville saddle bag complete with spikes, a reflective triangle, and a Nancy enamel pin. All-in-all this build is SICK AS HELL! Thanks to Ryan for swinging by and letting us ogle it!