Solo Grizzly

The worst part about going up to Mt. Lukens is not the climb all the surface roads getting to the trailhead. Not that it’s HORRIBLE, but it is the worst part. I decided to forgo that bullshit and drive straight to the trail off the 2 and had certain plans of what I was going to film but those plans almost ended up with me focusing the camera when I realized I didn’t bring the mount. Idiot. So, now you’re stuck with this video.

I know how lucky I am to now have more than one bike, and after I ride each one I think it is the best one, but with that being said, if I had to go back to one bike I think it might have to be the Romanceur. Ask me tomorrow and I might say something else but this is the bike I wanted when I couldn’t afford it and first saw it on The Radavist almost 6 years ago. The fact that there is still some in stock is completely wild. For what it’s worth, I am 5″9 and ride the 58cm. 60mm stem, and Towel Rack bars in the 630mm size……Like a fucking glove.