Garrett’s Whisper

A big ol’ crew of friends, acquaintances, long lost family members, and fellow Australian countrymen, came into town a few weekends ago for the second round of the Rumble in Richmond and we caught a nice morning session at Richmond’s Premier DIY Spot, “Treasure Island” aka “Texas Beach”. The cinematographic phenom Ryan Flynn himself snuck around the spot with camera in hand and whipped up this four minute long, George Michael fueled masterpiece. It was a hefty crew of riders, and I’d say the riding really speaks for itself, minus all the clips of my stupid face. This was a perfect way to kick off a whirlwind 3 or 4 days all centered around the Rumble.

The Rumble in Richmond is a weekend long BMX extravaganza, a no holds barred, all out, flat ground sprint at a dirt jump that more closely resembles something you should be hitting on a 2-stroke, all benefiting one of the best non-profits around, RADShare. RADShare is a local non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering youth through programs that explore and celebrate the arts of having fun. On any given afternoon you can catch some iteration of the RADShare crew down at Gillies Creek pump track, riding bikes, sharing smiles, and lifting the spirits of anyone within a 100 yard radius. There is no cooler feeling than to watch a kid be given their first BMX bike and helmet and watch the gears start to spin in their head, exploring all this new found freedom and potential expressive energy they hold in their hand.

If you’d like to check out RADShare or see how you can get involved in inspiring and empowering underserved youth to take hold of the creative genius inside them and go fourth into this world and flourish then check out!