Single Speed Lightning Bolt V.2? V.1.5?

This fun looking updated Single Speed Lightning Bolt was air frighted over and no time was wasted to get it built up and take it for a spin. This updated version has enough changes to maybe even call it a V2? Maybe V1.5? I don’t know how that scale works exactly. The big ones you will notice will be:
  1. It no longer features the Ritchey Breakaway system.
  2. It now has removable canti mounts.
  3. Look at that PBP fork crown ooh-la-la!

These likely won’t show up for another 2-3months the way things have been going the past couple of years. It’s hard to pinpoint when anything will show up anymore, but we will be sure to start putting the word out once the time approaches for this new SSLB Revisited to debut. For now, here is a few of photos of the build:

The new Nitto X Crust Bonneville bar fit the bill for this bike perfectly. A nice pairing with those vintage non-aero Campagnolo brake levers.
These Ruth Works bags sure are nice looking. This one set up quite nicely without a decaleur!
The Nissen Cable housing really tied the room together with the King Headset and Newbaums bar tape. I don’t know where the hell Matt found that 26.0 60mm Nitto X Crust 1″ Threadless stem.
A little peak at that PBP fork crown and some mismatched Dia Compe 980s.
All class. 12 outta 10.
This area of the bike is potentially going to upset some people.
An 11 speed ring holding fast in this single speed drivetrain. No rules.
Mismatchy matchy