Goats flip flop pedal

To most these pedals would be an absolute joke, which I understand.

But to Goat they are the pinnacle of comfort and function. Goat has ridden well over 100,000kms with this style pedal. We have toured India, Nepal, USA, Mexico, Taiwan and Australia together, always this is his pedal of choice and at times mine also.

Goat has had some wild adventures in his day, most notably would have to be the Riding The Spine trip, which was a monumental journey in my opinion and well worth checking out.

My friend Joe and I made this video about ten years ago and it still makes me laugh.

The Original Scapegoat frame, designed by Goat for his wild style of bike touring. This one was made by Larkin Cycles back in 2015. Obvs its sporting the flip flop pedal.

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