My Malocchio

Crust Bikes Malocchio

The Malocchio, is another one of those bikes in the Crust line up that seemingly flys under the radar of many.

Maybe that is in part due to it narrower tyre clearance, or lack of rack attachment points, but for me that is part of what makes this frame so charming. It’s a road bike built for all day comfort. I believe bikes like this are now called endurance road, but I much prefer the term sportif.

The build in the photos is a 53cm frame running of 650b x 38c tyres, it’s a cloud to ride and the Columbus sprit tubes loved to be pushed hard, the bike really comes to life when ya about to vomit out that tub of ice cream you just ate. As the original crust T-shirt said, ” only cold steel can forgive your sins.”

As for the build, I am not completely sold, that is not to say the parts dont work well, more to say that Sram Force is not that inspiring to look at, but it is just stuff I had laying around so I chucked it on, its not bad in anyway, but it is lacking some zest which is often the way with modern components.

Parts we sell.

Berhound saddle

Nitto Stem and Campy Headset

Blue Lug safety triangle

MKS X Crust Gordito Pedal

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