Lee’s 1984 Ritchey Timberwolf

Lee swung by the shop a couple of months ago to show us this beautiful ’84 Ritchey Timberwolf. He stitched this build together himself. Some factory components, some hand picked to spice it up a bit. This frame was one of Ritchey’s “lower end” models at the time, but that low end is still very high by any standard. The fully fillet brazed frame and light bladed Ritchey Signature Unicrown fork are donned in a beautiful metallic turquoise blue. It sports all of the old Shimano Deerhead XT components it would have come on it back in its day, as well as the original Shimano 600 headset. Lee spiced it up with some Tommaselli Racer levers, a fresh Brooks B17 sporting a lovely custom side cut, and wrapped the wheels in 26″ JFF Casing Ultradynamico MARS. It was truly a joy to get to photograph and pedal around a bike of this caliber and lineage. Thanks to Lee for bring it by and letting me get some shots of it!

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