Proto Rando Bars

A bit over a year ago I was building up my Canti Lightning Bolt and Matt sent me these bars to “try out”. I haven’t given them back yet and not sure I will. They should be in stock soonish and by that I mean anytime between now and never.

Since I built up the canti bolt it has quickly become either my favorite or close second favorite next to the Dreamer but both are so different that ill just say they’re both my favorite. I’ll shoot some build photos and do a post soon. I did try to change out these bars I think only one time and quickly went back to them. I like how much room there is to roam around. A few weeks ago on the 300k I had zero issues with any weird stuff you hear about (numbness etc.). Will I keep them on forever? Maybe, but if not it’s only because I’m a damn weirdo and always change shit even when its not necessary.

This is the first time I out on the goPro chest mount. I felt lame, looked even lamer, and wasn’t sure if it would even work so I just did a quick Elysian Park rip. I thought there was going to be a ton of wind noise but there wasn’t so your subject to my speaker…don’t like it, turn the volume down and turn your own music on.

Also, this bag…def try one if you haven’t yet. Its kind of perfect, just ignore the flap flapping around, that was my fault – i.e. dgaf. If you have a bike that one would work on then treat yourself. The one I use takes a decaleur but we have ones that don’t require that in stock HERE.

This is a bit of an older photo, a couple changes and a proper fitting since this. But this photo clearly illustrates how DOPE the bike is and you need one now.