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Another JDG bike check on this wednesday, or tuesday, but who knows what today is, actually.

A Triple?!

First off, lets address this. Since we already know, 1x cranksets are OUT, and 2x is back in... why not skip all the way to the triple?!

Let us have a cost/benefit analysis

  • Used and inexpensive
  • Wide gear range (this one is 46/36/26)
  • This crankset is actually lighter than the 1x SRAM I had!
  • All the extra front shifting keeps you from getting bored on long rides
  • Be a trend setter, confuse your friends

Campagnolo with Shimano

Mixing Campy and Shimano isn’t new, but its a good trick worth talking about over and over. Campy 11 speed shifters (pre 2014 (i know, its kinda confusing)) work 100% with Shimano 9 speed gearing. The best of both worlds! Especially with a triple crankset, you can use a smaller cassette for lighter weight, instead of a 1x with a huge dinner plate cassette that weights more than your cat. Also, Campy 10 speed shifters works EVEN BETTER with Shimano 8 speed gearing.

The rest of the build is pretty standard, so i’ll just dump the photos here for browsing and list all the parts (hope I don’t forget any)

Build List

JDG, signing out
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