We all met in a parking lot just north of hwy 210 in Pasadena and rolled out promptly at 6am. I didn’t sleep for shit before hand, nerves I guess, and my neighbors got home around 1:30 and I never sleep through that. I was honestly ready to bail at any minute before leaving my place, so many questions in my head, mostly ones that are about why the hell would I even want to do this, especially without my friends, and I even convinced myself to get pissed that the scheduling is so dumb that I will most likely miss most of the other brevets leading back to “whats the point”?

I bought this bike a few months ago for myself as the curiosity of the mythical Rene Herse bikes was too much to resist. This one is not a super thin wall frame, so maybe it’s intended purpose was for touring? I really have no idea. I am guessing it is from the 50s maybe, but again what the fuck do I know.

Matt and I were tucked away on a side street shooting photos of Scott’s Nor’Easter and both of us looked over and saw this dude out of nowhere wheeling down the street on a disc Lightning Bolt. He ended up being at the coffee spot we went to after and let us shoot a few photos. As soon as I find out his name (again, sorry) I’ll update this post. BREAKING NEWS! His name is Randy, insta @caliboca